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Stairlifts and stair climbing aids

A stair lift is a mobile seat or platform that can carry a maximum of one person up or down a flight of stairs.

These products are permanently installed on the existing stairs and move up and down along the stairs by means of a rail. In addition to a fixed seat, there is also the variant with a platform, so that wheelchair users can also use stairlifts. There are also stair climbers that are mobile.

Stairlifts usually have to be individually adapted to the spatial conditions. In addition, the seats are also equipped differently. For example, there are models with or without armrests, footrests or folding functions. For narrow staircases, a standing platform with handholds, instead of a seat, can be used as an alternative. The stairlift can be controlled by a lever control on the armrest or by remote control. In addition, many models have a call button at the respective end stops.

Stairlifts with platforms can be used only on wide stairs. The platform is secured by a railing, a folding barrier or a roll-off safety device. The control unit is usually connected to the lift by a flexible cable.

Stairlifts do not belong to the assistive products covered by the statutory health insurance.

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