Lifting platforms and wheelchair bathing loungers

These products consist of a bathing lounger BGG a platform that can move between two or more levels.

The height difference is definable and can be used to bridge a staircase. There is no shaft or roof, making these products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Lifting platforms are not bound to stairs and can be used anywhere either as a permanently installed or mobile version.

Lifting platforms can connect two or more levels. The maximum height is limited to 3 meters. Since they can be used both inside and outside buildings, there are models made of aluminum or more weather-resistant stainless steel. No attachment to walls or floor is necessary for use. The floor space should only be level and load bearing. Since no shaft is required, the bathing loungering platform only takes up a small footprint. For the start-up a power connection BGG 230 volts is necessary.

They can be used in private as well as in public areas. Different safety precautions have to be taken. While safety bars are required in the private sector, contact-secured doors are necessary in the public sector. In addition, all variants have a railing, roll-off protection, a dead man's horn and a mechanical emergency lowering. Optionally, security doors can be fitted to the upper floors.

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