Assistive Product
Aufzug lifeLine

Product Type:

Passenger elevator
Vertical elevator

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Aufzug lifeLine

Areas of Application:

- Public and private buildings
- Indoor areas
- Equipment elements for people in wheelchairs, people with visual or hearing impairments are available

Features / Components:

- Control is integrated as a compact element directly in the standard door frame
- telescopic sliding doors with opening to the right, opening to the left and centrally opening doors are possible
- one-sided and, depending on the payload, two-sided access possible


- button
- cabin panel with standard Door opening, door closing and emergency call buttons
- as well as Braille, visual and acoustic confirmation of call acceptance, location display, travel direction display, onward travel arrows for collective control
- optionally available additional horizontal control panel for people in wheelchairs, voice announcement of the floors in the car, car call with key switch , Preferred cabin drive using key control


- N otruf


- frequency-controlled, gearless machine
- drive can be installed directly in the shaft head and does not need a machine room
- carrying belt made of special metal cables with elastomer sheathing

Price (without guarantee):

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C. Haushahn GmbH & Co. KG
Heilbronner Str. 364
70469 Stuttgart
Germany Telephone: 0711 89540 Email: Homepage:


C. Haushahn GmbH & Co. KG
Heilbronner Str. 364
70469 Stuttgart
Germany Telephone: 0711 89540 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Load capacity (kg): 320 - 1125
Travel speed (m / s): 1.0 - 1.6
Cabin dimensions (W / H / D) in cm: 110 - 120/110 - 210/214
Doors (W / H) in cm: 60 - 110/200 - 230
max. Lifting height (floors): 20
max. Lifting height (m): 75.00
Shaft dimensions (W / D) in cm: 145 - 245/140 - 165



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