Assistive Product
Homelift Lifton DUO

Product Type:

Passenger elevator
Vertical elevator

There are 2 images available for this product:

  1. Homelift Lifton DUO
  2. Kabinenrahmen

Areas of Application:

- Private area
- Indoor area

Features / Components:

- Standing stick according to Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
- Lighting: LED strips
- Power supply: 230 volts (household electricity )
- Requirement: at least 2.30 m ceiling height


- Half-height swinging doors


- Control panel and remote control


- Door area with light barrier that detects obstacles and automatically stops travel
- The The lift only starts when the car door is closed
- The lower and upper areas of the car are equipped with safety sensors. The journey stops when obstacles are detected
- The drive unit has a safety battery that kicks in in the event of a power failure and continues operation to the lower stop
- A load sensor ensures that the permissible weight is not exceeded
- A mechanical catch as well a gear and a motor brake secure the cabin


- Cable pull system in the cabin roof

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Further Information

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Lifton GmbH
Horbeller Str. 33
50858 Köln
Germany Telephone: 0800 5050005 Email: Homepage:


Lifton GmbH
Horbeller Str. 33
50858 Köln
Germany Telephone: 0800 5050005 Email: Homepage:


- Also available as a TRIO variant with a larger chamber for 3 people (or an active wheelchair).

Technical Data:

Load capacity (kg): 170
Travel speed (m / s): 0.15
Cabin dimensions (W / H / D) in cm: 79/72/194
Cabin door height (cm): 110
max. Lifting height (floors): 1
max. Lifting Height (m): 3



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