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Case Study Accessible design for a teacher


The employer is a school or county government.

Employee's disabilities and functional limitations:
The man has severe spasticity. The spasticity results in a severe difficulty in walking, so that he can only cover level distances up to about 100 m with the help of forearm crutches. Climbing stairs is very tedious for him and should also be avoided because of the increased risk of falling. The GdB (degree of disability) is 80. The severely disabled person's identity card bears the mark G.

Training and job:

The man is a teacher of German, history and politics at a secondary school.

Working environment (actual state):

The school building has three floors. For organisational reasons, it is not possible for the teacher to teach only on the ground floor, which is smoothly accessible, as he also has to visit subject rooms and the staff room. For example, the computer room to be used for teaching is on the first floor and the video or film room and the staff room are on the second floor.

Working environment (target state):

The installation of a vertical or passenger elevator in the middle section of the existing main staircase will make the school building accessible to the teacher on all levels independently and without barriers.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

30% of the design suitable for disabled people was funded by the Integration Office.

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Last Update: 28 Jul 2008