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Case Study Accessible design for a sales manager


The employer operates a wholesale building services business.

Employee's disability and functional limitation:

The man has muscular dystrophy. He also has cardiovascular disease and back disease or disc damage. Due to his handicap, he has a low physical capacity and has problems with changing his posture (especially when standing up), climbing stairs and walking long distances.

Training and job:

The employee has completed vocational training in business and has been employed by the employer for many years.

Workplace and work task:

As an office-based sales manager, the employee has a purely office-based job. At his workplace, he has access to an ergonomic office chair with a stand-up aid and a footrest. The special office chair enables the employee to stand up more easily, for example, which is absolutely necessary due to his disability.

Working environment (actual state):

The employee has problems reaching his workplace after his office was moved from the ground floor to the first floor in connection with an extension of the showrooms. Due to the existing disabilities, he is only able to climb the stairs to the upper floor to a very limited extent and with great difficulty. This process takes quite a long time and exhausts the employee to such an extent that he then has to take a longer rest break.

Working environment (target state):

In order to enable the employee to reach the workplace without difficulty in the long term, a stair lift with a standing platform has been installed on a side staircase in the immediate vicinity of the employee's office. A car parking space was provided directly in front of the side entrance to this staircase and was designated or signposted so that the employee only had to walk a few steps to the stair lift. The lift with standing platform was used as the employee has significant difficulty sitting down and standing up.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

The design suitable for disabled people was funded by the Integration or Inclusion Office. Advice was provided by the engineering service for suitable for disabled people of the Integration and Inclusion Office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service.

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Last Update: 19 Mar 2015