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Case Study Tractor conversion for a farmer


The man is self-employed and manages a farm.

Disability and functional limitation:

The man has a paraplegia after an accident at work and is dependent on the use of a wheelchair. His grasping range as well as his mobility are limited and he is not able to operate controls with his feet.


The man is a farmer.

Workplace and work task:

The farmer needs a tractor for his work, which has to be converted due to his disability. The conversion for the farmer concerns the entry as well as the exit and the control of the tractor.
A crane with an extendable telescopic arm with metal hooks has been installed on the roof of the tractor or the driver's cab as a lift for getting in and out. The farmer fastens his straps to a rope and can lift himself out of the wheelchair to the height of the driver's cab onto a folding seat by operating a remote control (extend/retract telescopic arm and raise/lower metal hook). From the seat, he then slides into the driver's seat of the tractor.
To drive the tractor with automatic transmission, it was converted from foot control to hand control. The entire conversion of the tractor suitable for disabled people was approved by the TÜV.

Occupational health and safety:

An occupational health examination was carried out to check suitability for driving, controlling and monitoring the tractor. For this purpose, an occupational physician carried out an appropriate assessment and confirmed the suitability.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

The design suitable for disabled people was advised and supported by the Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association, as this was an occupational accident.

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Last Update: 3 May 2021