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Case Study Clerk at Deutsche Post DHL Group


Deutsche Post DHL Group is a global logistics and mail communications company with around 570,000 employees in more than 220 countries.
Deutsche Post DHL Group includes Deutsche Post - as a pan-European postal service provider - and DHL - as a global company active in international express shipping, freight transport, e-commerce and supply chain management.
The company makes a positive contribution to the environment and society through responsible action, targeted environmental protection measures and corporate citizenship, among other things.

Disability and impairment of the employee:

The man has paraplegia and is dependent on the use of a wheelchair. His grasping range as well as his mobility are limited and he is not able to operate controls with his feet. The man has a GdB (degree of disability) of 100.

Training and job:

The man works as a postal clerk for the company in the upper service in the sales division MAIL Hanover. He completed his studies at the Federal University of Applied Sciences and Arts for Public Administration.

Workplace and work task:

The clerk works in an office at a computer workstation with a height-adjustable work table that can be moved under with a wheelchair. In his department he is responsible for occupational safety, fire protection and health protection. He also supervises the trainees (office management assistants) as well as students studying for a Bachelor of Arts / Services Marketing degree.

Working environment - mobility:

To get to work, the employee uses his car with automatic transmission, which has manual controls for the accelerator and brake on the right-hand side. The entrance to the building is at ground level near the disabled parking area. The office is located on the mezzanine floor, between the ground floor and the first floor. The lift takes you from the ground floor to the first floor - the mezzanine floor cannot be reached by lift. A stair lift with platform was therefore installed for the employee to negotiate the stairs between the mezzanine and first floor (Fig. 1-3). The stair lift with platform also enables the employee to reach the toilet suitable for disabled people on the first floor from the office or mezzanine floor with a wheelchair.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

The stair lift with platform for barrier-free design was 80 percent funded by the Integration or Inclusion Office. Advice was provided by the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration and Inclusion Office. The coordination of the measure as well as the establishment of contact with the integration or inclusion office was carried out by the inclusion representative of the company and the representative for severely disabled persons.

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Last Update: 20 Sep 2021