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Case Study Adaptations of a tractor for a farmer


The farmer runs a small agricultural business with a few employees.

Man's disability and impairment:

The man has multiple sclerosis (MS). He has limited ability to change body position (from sitting to standing), walk, climb stairs or ladders, and operate controls with his feet.


The man is a trained farmer.

Workplace and work task:

The farmer depends on his tractor as a working tool for transport as well as field work and working in the livestock stables. Due to the farmer's handicap-related limitations, a solution had to be found for the tractor to overcome the raised entrance of 1.3 m, to get up from the driver's seat and the foot brake, which was too difficult for him to operate. In cooperation with the Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association and a supplier of motor vehicles specialising in conversions suitable for disabled people, a lift was developed for the tractor as an entry and exit aid and approved by TÜV. The farmer can stand on this and is lifted up to the entry height of the driver's cab. His employees who also use the tractor can use the stairs at the entrance of the driver's cab. The standard driver's seat has been replaced with a specially designed air-suspended seat with stand-up aid. As a stand-up aid, the seat can be moved 30 centimetres above the normal seat height and the backrest can be tilted forwards. In addition, the foot brake was converted to manual operation. Finally, the tractor, which had been converted to be suitable for disabled people, was thoroughly tested by the farmer. The conversion of the tractor to make it suitable for disabled people means that the farmer can continue to work independently on his own farm.

Occupational health and safety:

An occupational health examination was carried out to check suitability for driving, controlling and monitoring the tractor.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

The design suitable for disabled people was supported by the Agricultural Employers' Liability Insurance Association. Advice was provided by the Agricultural Employers' Liability Insurance Association in conjunction with the company converting suitable for disabled people motor vehicles.

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Last Update: 9 Nov 2021