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Case Study Accessible design for a teacher


This is an elementary school whose teachers are predominantly employed by the state or a district government.

Employee's disability and impairment:

The woman has paraplegia and is dependent on the use of a wheelchair. Her reach and mobility are limited due to her disability. The GdB (degree of disability) is 100.

Training and job:

The woman studied to become a teacher for elementary school and then completed her traineeship. At the elementary school, she teaches in her studied subject combinations.

Working environment - mobility:

To enable the teacher to reach the school building independently, a designated disabled parking space was set up near the school building and a ramp was installed to overcome the steps at the side entrance. The ramp was installed at the rear of the building to reach the side entrance, as this was the only place where the permissible gradient of six percent for the ramp could be implemented without structural problems and where the teacher can cover the last approx. 20 meters from the disabled parking space protected from the weather. The door of the side entrance was equipped with a system for automatic door opening and closing. In the side staircase, a stair elevator with a platform was installed with which the teacher can reach the three levels of the building with the room for the teachers and their rooms for teaching. A room was also installed where she can catheterize, wash and store her utensils. This was necessary because the teacher does not use the toilet at school, but instead uses a disposable catheter with a urine bag. To insert the catheter, she has to adopt a lying posture, which is now possible.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

and participation:
The design suitable for disabled people was supported by the Integration or Inclusion Office. Advice was provided by the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration and Inclusion Office.

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Last Update: 1 Mar 2023