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Case Study Work design for an accountant


This is an electrical installation company that expanded and moved to new premises.

Employee's disability and impairment:

The man has paraplegia and a motor disorder of the upper extremities. He is dependent on use of a wheelchair. Grasping space, motor skills, and mobility are limited due to disability. The man's GdB (degree of disability) is 100.

Training and job:

The man has completed training as an accountant and has been working for the company for several years.

Workplace and work task:

In connection with the move, with the support of the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration or Inclusion Office, consideration was given to how the workplace in the accountant's office could be designed suitable for disabled people. The workplace was equipped as follows:
- a large-area keyboard for the PC for using the keyboard despite motor impairments,
- speech recognition software for controlling the PC and entering data and texts by voice, so that the motor-impaired arms or hands can be relieved of keyboard input if necessary,
- a telephone with stored telephone numbers and hands-free equipment for easier telephoning and
- two paternoster cabinets for ergonomic removal and storage of files by positioning them at the optimum height for him.

Working environment - mobility:

The lift installed in the building enables employees to reach their office on the upper floor from the ground level. The sanitary area is barrier-free with the appropriate movement surfaces and assistive products, such as:
- a wheelchair accessible washbasin,
- a toilet at the appropriate height for transferring from a wheelchair,
- a tilting mirror for possible viewing in a seated wheelchair position,
- support handles and
- an emergency personal call system for calling for help.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

and participation:
The design suitable for disabled people was supported by the Integration or Inclusion Office. Advice was provided by the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration and Inclusion Office.

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Last Update: 2 Mar 2023