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Handläufe MK.Typ

Product Type:
Handrails for stairs, corridors, etc.
Information about handrails
Material description and color selection

Features / Components:
- with straight handrail sections made of nylon, d = 40 mm
- 4 mm wall thickness
- stiffened with outside and inside corrosion-protected continuous steel core
- brackets with straight supports
- brackets with 90-degree angled handrail supports
- brackets with 90-degree arches
- straight end, closed with 90-degree arches and end cap
or led against the wall and connected with / without rosette made of stainless steel
- also available with tactile marking aids on request
- handrail inclination: h = horizontal and s = oblique

MK consoles.Type:
- made of solid stainless steel, material 1.4401 (A1-AISI 316)
- surface fine matt
- with / without rosettes (d = 70 mm) for concealed screwing at a distance of max. 1300 mm
- MK. Type 1 brackets: with straight supports (d = 26 mm), with / without rosettes
MK. Type consoles: with 90 ° angled handrail supports (d = 14 mm), with rosette
- MK consoles .Type 3: with 90 degree bends (d = 26), with / without rosettes

final designs:
- final training a: straight with end cap closed from nylon
- final training b: with 90 degrees bend and end cap closed from stainless steel
- final training c: with a 90 degree curve against the wall, with / without stainless steel rosette

Removable handrails:
- Removable handrails make cleaning the windows easier and provide access to supply shafts. The detachable handrails in the Combi Line can be designed with a tube diameter of 34 mm and 40 mm. It is locked by a bolt with a return spring.

Horizontal handrails:
- Horizontal handrails can also be made with a radius of 200 mm or more on request.

Tactile aids:
- Tactile aids for the different needs of the visually impaired and blind tactile markings on the handrail can be taken into account. Four palpable relief-like symbols are available: PP = knobs, QE = attached button, ZR = recessed intermediate rings, KB = tapered intermediate tubes.

The handrail is pre-assembled and includes all corner elbows, connecting pieces, grub screws and the assembly sets.

Price (no guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


CE-Zeichen / DIN 18360 / TÜV

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