Assistive Product
Rhombo-Med Armrampe

Product Type:

- Positioning support for the arm area
- Arm positioning wedge

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Rhombo-Med Armrampe

Areas of Application:

- for fixed positioning
- for supported positioning
- For a resting position of the forearm or of the whole arm,
- also for leg elevation


Rhombo-Med filling material consists of Rhombo-Fill rods and elastic polypropylene beads. The filling is like dry sand, so the limbs to be supported can be moulded.

Features / Components:

- foam
- air permeable
- washable
- can be disinfected
- autoclavable

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Lück GmbH & Co. KG
Vennweg 22
46395 Bocholt
Germany Telephone: 02871 9979-0 Email: Homepage:


Sanivita Ludwig Bertram GmbH
RUSSKA Ludwig Bertram GmbH
Im Torfstich 7
30916 Isernhagen
Germany Telephone: 05136 9759-0 Email: Homepage:


Available in two lengths for forearm or entire arm. Protective covers are available separately for each length

Technical Data:

L x W x H (cm): 35 x 20 x 12 (19040744)
L x W x H (cm): 80 x 25 x 25 (19040707



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