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Somna Blanket Sensitive

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Areas of Application:

- Dementia
- Neuropsychiatric diagnoses
- Mental illness
- Acquired brain damage
- sleep problems
- spasticity
- Neurological diseases
- restlessness and anxiety
- motor restlessness
- anorexia / bulimia
- normal aging


The Somna Blanket ™ Sensitive is a weight cover for relieving restlessness, anxiety and sleep problems. The function of the blanket is based on scientific studies on the calming effect of heaviness, which helps to sleep better.

Features / Components:

- Weight cover with a chain side and a padded side
- Material Trevira CS, polyester wadding and chains
- Washable at 60 degrees, suitable dryer
- divisible with zipper

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Abilia AB
Råsundavägen 6
169 67 Solna
Sweden Telephone: +46 8 59469400 Email: Homepage:


Argonstraat 102
2718 SN Zoetermeer
Netherlands Telephone: +31 70 3620307 Email: Homepage:

ATC Handels GmbH
Offenau 63a
25335 Bokholt-Hanredder
Germany Telephone: 04121 4913900 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Length (cm): 202
Width (cm): 140
Weight (kg): 5, 7, 9, 11



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