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Somna Comforter Heavy Duty (Kettenbettdecke)

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Areas of Application:

- Dementia
- Neuropsychiatric diagnoses
- Mental illness
- Acquired brain damage
- spasticity
- Neurological diseases
- restlessness and anxiety
- motor restlessness
- anorexia / bulimia
- normal aging


The Somna Comforter HD ™ is a bedspread for relieving restlessness and anxiety. The function of the blanket is based on scientific studies on the calming effect of heaviness

Features / Components:

- Weight cover with a chain side and a padded side
- Material polyester cotton (PC), polyester wadding and chains
- washable up to 60 degrees
- Color dark gray

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Abilia AB
Råsundavägen 6
169 67 Solna
Sweden Telephone: +46 8 59469400 Email: Homepage:


Argonstraat 102
2718 SN Zoetermeer
Netherlands Telephone: +31 70 3620307 Email: Homepage:

ATC Handels GmbH
Offenau 63a
25335 Bokholt-Hanredder
Germany Telephone: 04121 4913900 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Length (cm): 205
Width (cm): 140
Weight (kg): 15



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