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Work place for noise protection

Special Feature:

Areas of Application:
Noise protection

In the industrial environment, the use of machines and material transport creates intense noise pollution.
The reverberation time can be effectively reduced with additional reflective surfaces. The targeted use of these walls is the prerequisite for an optimized acoustic improvement of rooms. This has a positive influence on the concentration and performance of the employees. Room-in-room systems also enable the greatest possible flexibility in room division and design.

Features / Components:
- Module system: system components in different sizes allow any arrangement in the room
- Wall elements with door and windows
- Insulating material: made of single-origin polyester -Textile fibers, flame-retardant
- Acoustic wall sheet (ALB): for installation in the direction of the sound source
- Acoustic wall sheet, smooth: prevents the sound from being transmitted in the areas behind the acoustic partition
- Acoustic ceiling made of perforated sheet elements
- Floor anchoring: prevents tripping hazards and allows height leveling
- closure to the floor: base plates and profiles prevent unwanted sound bridges
- surface: powder coating
- construction options: free-standing with 4 system walls, attached on one side with 3 system walls

Technical Data:
System widths for modules: 625, 1000, 1250 mm
Width for door modules: 1000 mm
Passage width for doors: 970 mm
Passage height for doors: 2000 mm
Element height: 2500/3000 mm
Wall thickness: 90 mm

Price (without guarantee):
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CE-Zeichen / DIN 20140 / TÜV

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Otto Kind GmbH & Co. KG


Otto Kind GmbH & Co. KG

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