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Drehkipp-Beschlagssystem UNI-JET

Product Type:
Fitting system

The new fitting variant offers comfort and range with a horizontally positioned handle; Because even windows that are located far up or behind wide tables can be effortlessly operated. Also no effort is required when opening or closing the window, since the integrated forced control system already brings the wing into the tilted position with the rotation of the extended handle. This means that large and heavy windows can not only be operated simply and comfortably, but completely new fields of application can be opened. This fitting variant offers advantages, especially for elderly people with limited mobility, but also a solution for many who do not want to do without this kind of comfort. Thanks to the positioning of the handle, the special extended form and the functionality of the forced control system, it also meets the requirements for accessibility and modern architecture.

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Gretsch-Unitas GmbH


Gretsch-Unitas GmbH

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