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Hallenbüro mit Wandelementen aus Stahlblech

Product type:
Hall Office for Noise Control

Special feature:

Areas of Application:
Noise protection

The cabin is a modular unit for sound insulation. Noise protection is ensured by profiles in the ceiling, floor and wall elements. The profiles are filled with mineral wool. Depending on the size of the office, one or more double field lights are provided. The hall office can be mounted free-standing, on the wall or in corners.

Features / Components:
- Wall elements:made of sheet steel with high-quality powder coating
- Wall elements in visible wall design:Galvanized sheet metal panels filled with mineral wool, from 1090 mm parapet height with 5 mm Float glass in plastic clamping profiles
- 1 Door element with glass cut-out:powder-coated metal door leaf, size 813 x 1984 mm, glazed from 1090 mm parapet height
- Ceiling:Mineral fiber acoustic panels in sheet steel T-profiles inserted
- Ceiling mounted lights:double-field luminaires for two 58 -Watt tubes with plastic tub
- 1 Electric element:1 socket, 1 switch next to the door with built-in cable duct, wiring must be made on site
- self-assembly possible

Technical Data:
Area:6.23-30.5 square meters
Outside height:2630 mm
Inside height:2510 mm
Outside length:3045-6045 mm
Outside width:2045-5045 mm
Cabin height:2630 mm
Pitch:1000 mm
Parapet height:1090 mm
Door width light:813 mm
door height:1985 mm
wall thickness:45 mm

Options / Accessories:
- other color combinations
- special sizes
- BAP lights
- double-decker systems
- safety devices
- reinforced base frame for forklift transport
- solid wall element
- sliding window
- swivel window / tilting window
- double glazing
- ventilation grille
- venting fan
- Standard floor

Price (without guarantee):
The prices are available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


CE-Zeichen / DIN 20140 / TÜV

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