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Product Type:
Gas delivery channel

Areas of Application:
for example
- Respiratory protection in respiratory diseases

The gas delivery channel with suction carriage is used in conjunction with extraction arms for point extraction of smoke, gas and oil mist at the workplace.

Features / Components:
- Aluminum extruded profile: with sealing lips made of flexible plastic
- Vacuum trolley: multiple ball bearings, cast aluminum
- Installation: on wall or ceiling
- various accessories

Technical Data:
Dimensions (H x W): 275 x 192 mm
Suction Carriage Dimensions:
- Height: 430 mm
- Width: 250 mm
Suction Carriage Length: 560 mm
Minimum Distance to Fixed Parts: 175 mm

Price (without guarantee):
The price depends on the individual customer requirements.



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Ludscheidt GmbH


Ludscheidt GmbH

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