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AS Hörluchs ICP Hörgeräte

Product Type:
hearing aid with hearing protection

Special Feature:
individually adaptable

Areas of Application:
- noise protection
- enables communication in the workplace in the event of hearing impairment as well as hearing warning signals and machine noises

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a measure of occupational safety and health protection. Workplace noise is a potential health impact if the noise reaches a daily noise exposure level of 85 dB (A) and above. Hearing protection is required here.
For people with hearing aids, this results in special requirements: speech and important signals must be heard, but at the same time the hearing must be protected against further damage.

AS HÖRLUCHS ICP (Insulating Communication Plastic) Hearing aids are approved by the building authorities for use at the noise workplace. The system consists of a hearing aid with a specially developed noise workplace program and an approved hearing protection plastic (HAWEI ICP). The hearing system is therefore 100% PSA (Personal Protective Equipment) as well as 100% medical device listed in the Aids Guide. Thus, the hearing aid can also be fully used for the private environment.

The ICP hearing systems effectively absorb noise, while information such as voices and warning signals are still easy to hear. The individual hearing loss of the wearer is compensated and the ear is protected at the same time. Depending on the degree of deafness, the hearing care professional is provided with different models for individual adaptation to the wearers hearing, including Bluetooth for connection to other communication units.

Features / Components:
- Category 3 hearing aid for high-grade hearing loss
- Specially developed noise workplace program
- Material: Acrylic with soft coating in 3D production
- Remote control: AS Smart Connect
- Approval: according to PSA guidelines and the DIN EN 352-2

Models with respective SHI aid number
- Hörluchs ICP RIC 16 - 45 (45 dB amplification)
- Hörluchs ICP RIC 16 - 60 (60 dB amplification)
- Hörluchs ICP RIC 16 - 70 (70 dB amplification ) - Hörluchs ICP BTE 16
- Hörluchs ICP BTE P 16

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


CE-Zeichen / DIN EN 352-2 / DIN EN 352-6 / IFA-zertifiziert


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