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Akustik-Wandabsorber Emil

Product Type:
Acoustic elements

Areas of Application:
- As noise protection

For open offices, the attenuation of noise is important to reduce the disturbance of the concentration. There are various design elements for this.
Good room acoustics are essential for concentrated and effective work. It is important that one of two opposite surfaces is always equipped with acoustic absorbers. The acoustic wall absorbers Emil help to improve the room acoustics.

Features / Components:
- EcoSund® core material
- Flammability: tested and certified according to SS-EN ISO 11925-2
- Material thickness varies between 30 and 80 mm
- including mounting material (Velcro)
- two versions: without and covered with fabric
- optionally with Hush acoustic fabric on the front

Technical Data:
Dimensions: 593 x 593 mm

Price (without guarantee):
from EUR 52.00 plus shipping and service

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Inwerk GmbH


Inwerk GmbH


revEAR akustik Kerstin Knop und Petra Niederklostermann GbR

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