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Phonak Serenity SPC und Vokkero Guardian

Product type:
Ear protection with radio

Special feature:
individually adaptable, integrated radio

Areas of Application:
- Noise protection
- enables communication in the workplace with increased ambient volume as well as the hearing of warning signals and machine noises

The ear protection and radio system exists from two separate, independent products that can be easily combined and used together. It enables simultaneous listening and speaking without the need to press a PTT button to keep your hands free to work.

Phonak Serenity SPC ear defenders feature custom earcups. The earmolds are measured and manufactured with the help of laser scanners so that they are adapted to the user. The headset hides ambient noise and enables communication in case of heavy work noise.

The Vokkero Guardian radio offers an unlimited number of users. The full-duplex feature means that users of the radio can listen and speak at the same time. In addition, the radio can be connected via Bluetooth with a smartphone or a DECT phone, it can be at the touch of a button between wireless communication and phone call.

Technical Data:
Phonak Serenity SPC:

Microphone sensitivity: -44 (+ -d) dB re. 1V / Pa at 1kHz
Microphone Type: Electret, Noise Canceling
Loudspeaker Sensitivity: 94 dBA @ 150 mVRMS
Volume: Max. 100 dB (SPL)
Capacity: 50 N
Insulation: 24, 25 or 28 dB SNR
Weight: 22 g

Vokkero Guardian:
Reach: max. 1,200 m
Channels: 10 Royalty Free channels
Battery life: 10 hours
Operating temperature: -20 degrees C to 55 degrees C
Dimensions: 105 x 50 x 27 mm
Weight: 190 g (including battery)

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


CE-Zeichen / DIN EN 352-2 / DIN EN 352-6 / IFA-zertifiziert

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Phonak Communications AG


C+HC Computer + Headset Company GmbH

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