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Bosse cube 4.0

Product Type:
Partition wall system as a room divider for noise protection

Special Feature:
flexible use, room-in-room solution

Areas of Application:
varied use in office work, e.g. as a meeting room, a single office, as a retreat or for teamwork

With this room system, office landscapes can be designed according to your own ideas. The construction takes place within a few hours, completely independent of the building body. The connection to the mains is made via the mains socket. The room does without a base plate and can be mounted on any surface without interfering with the structure of the building.

- visually pleasing, closed ceiling construction
- Stepless control of lighting and ventilation
- High-performance LED in combination with freeform lenses
- adjustable, draft-free air exchange up to 50 times per hour
- Frame construction: aluminum natural or black
- Magnetically closing door with almost invisible door hinges
- Power supply via standard socket
- Free to move inside and outside on rails, easy to hang over and retrofit at any time
- Glass plates: 12 mm thick VSG-SI laminated safety glass with integrated soundproofing foil
- Installation: Flexible, building-independent installation without anchoring
- Floor frame: Circumferential base profile with invisible adjustment option of 14 mm to compensate for uneven floors

Technical Data:
Minimum size: 2.15 x 2.34 m
Maximum length: 9 m
2 heights: 2.80 m or 2.65 m
required ceiling height: 2.50 m or 2.35 m
Sound level difference according to DIN EN ISO 16283-1: DnT> 38dB, Rw> 39d

Options / Accessories:
- optional recording of room data (air quality and temperature) and optional operation via app (iOS and Android)
- Optionally installable air quality sensor

Price (without guarantee):
The prices are available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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BOSSE Design Gesellschaft für Innovative Office Interiors mbH & Co. KG


Dauphin HumanDesign® Group GmbH & Co. KG

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