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Assistive Product Rollladensicherung RS87 | Rollladensicherung RS97

Product Type:

Roller shutter security


Roller shutters should also be secured; because unsecured, they are merely a light and privacy screen.

Features / Components:

- roller shutter lock as a roller shutter lock
- assurance against pushing up from the outside
- easy to use assurance
- assurance is mounted in the upper third of the window on both sides
- with locking pin
- pin engages firmly and securely in a slat
- roller shutters are blocked by the pin
- spring-loaded unlocking mechanism
- assurance is not visible from the outside

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Rollladensicherung RS87
Rollladensicherung RS97

Further Information

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58300 Wetter
Germany Telephone: 02335 634-0 Email: Homepage:


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