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Türzusatzschloss 2130

Product Type:

Additional door lock with rotary knob and locking bracket

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Türzusatzschloss 2130

Areas of Application:

- For inward-opening entrance doors
- From the outside with a key, lockable from the inside with a rotary knob


In combination with a high-quality door cylinder and a striking plate with wall anchoring, set the door Additional locks provide a solid mechanical basic protection for your door. In addition to burglary protection, presence protection is also becoming increasingly important. When locked, the locking bracket of the additional door lock enables you to open the door slightly. This allows you to receive mail or speak to someone you dont know at the door without the risk of someone putting your foot in the door or being able to open the door entirely. The rotary knob on the inside ensures a quick escape route, e.g. B. in fires. The additional door lock secures the locking side, a fuse should also be attached to secure the hinge side.

Features / Components:

- Solid fastening
- Stable locking bracket for the gap-wide door opening
- 5-pin precision cylinder
- Two-way locking
- Inside adjustable with rotary knob
- DIN R / L
- Incl. two keys

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