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Automatische 3-fach-Verriegelung autoLock AV3

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Automatic 3-point lock autoLock AV3

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Automatische 3-fach-Verriegelung autoLock AV3

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Door lock


The Winkhaus lock autoLock AV3 is an automatic multi-point lock with independently acting swivel bolts for rear claws as well as sealing elements for dynamic contact pressure. By closing the door, the sealing elements and the solid swivel locks are actuated via the frame-side magnetic release and secure the door against unwanted access. In this way, the door always remains securely locked and holds firmly in the frame, even without additional locking. The solid swivel bolts, sealing elements and the latch can be withdrawn manually using a locking cylinder or door handle.
AutoLock AV3 is suitable for wooden, plastic and aluminum house doors.

The frame-side magnetic release enables the automatic locking to be triggered in a defined manner. This reduces grinding marks on the door frame and dampens the closing noise of the automatic locking system. With this magnetic technology, rebate air tolerances can be bridged by the opposite stylus.

The AV3 sealing elements provide dynamic contact pressure independently of the solid swivel bolts, so that the door seals remain compressed and the door is closed in the locked position.
Due to the locked sealing elements can always fully lock the AV3 solid steel locking bolts with the door closed, automatically ensure a deep claw behind the striking plate and thus prevent the door leaf and frame from pulling apart. In addition, the AV3 solid swivel bolts are automatically secured against being pushed back after being locked out. This means that even without additional locking by the main lock case, the automatic locking system already provides a high level of security.

Features / Components:

- Automatic locking using the frame-side magnet technology
- Easy unlocking by successively opening the locking and sealing elements
- High level of security Locked locking bolts with 25 mm opening width and rear claw (suitable for RC2 / RC3)
- Tight closure with two independent sealing elements
- Faceplate heights up to 2400 mm can be achieved
- Thanks to the same milling dimensions (plus recess for magnet / trigger) and striking plates compatible with other Winkhaus products
- Magnetic release and day latch can be retrofitted in Winkhaus - Standard striking plates
- Manual locking of the main bolt / complete system via profile cylinder possible - So-called holiday lockout function
- Day latch can also be used for other Winkhaus - security door locks

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Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG
August-Winkhaus-Str. 31
48291 Telgte
Germany Telephone: 02504 921-0 Email: Homepage:


Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG
August-Winkhaus-Str. 31
48291 Telgte
Germany Telephone: 02504 921-0 Email: Homepage:

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