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Automatik-Fensterzusatzschloss und Türzusatzschloss FTS99

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Window lock with automatic lock and deadbolt claw

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Fensterschloss FTS99


This automatic additional window lock, ie when the window is closed, the lock locks automatically without any further operation being necessary. The key is only required for unlocking. Exclusively for inward-opening windows & ideal for forgetful people (inevitability)

Features / Components:

- Window lock with automatic lock (window to lock)
- Can be opened with the key
- Can be combined with other Abus window locks
- Clawed steel bolts
- Pressure resistance over 1 ton
- Open / close position optically recognizable
- Only suitable for windows

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ABUS - August Bremicker Söhne KG
Altenhofer Weg 25
58300 Wetter
Germany Telephone: 02335 634-0 Email: Homepage:


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