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Modular system HomeTec Pro


The modular system HomeTec contains a radio drive and a radio remote control as the basis. The system can be expanded with a radio keyboard

HomeTec is an automatic door opener that combines comfort and security. In addition to increased security for the apartment door, the system also offers automatic door opening and locking via a radio trigger for every user.

The drive is simply fixed to the inside of the door with two screws on the cylinder. The device then operates the attached key. As a result, the door can not only be unlocked by radio remote control, but also opened. With a radio range of around 100 meters, users can open the door from the car and go into the house with the full shopping bags without putting them down.

The emergency and danger situation enables the door cylinder to be operated even when on the other side Key is inserted.

Features / Components:

- also suitable for rented apartments
- for medium-sized businesses
- no drilling, no connection to the power grid necessary
- the power supply provides a battery
- battery replacement after about a year
- the mechanical cylinder is retained
- even if the battery is empty, operating the door is not a problem
- just push a button and the door locks automatically
- a useful addition is the radio keyboard
- the keyboard is attached to the frame or masonry
- Permissions can be assigned using PIN codes
- up to 20 different permissions are possible

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