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Assistive Product Leitsystemplatten

Product Type:

- Knobbed and grooved panels
- Tactile / visual floor material
- Floor indicator
- Guidance system for the blind
- Guidance system for the visually impaired

Areas of Application:

- for blind people
- for the visually impaired
- for orientation in road traffic
- Guidance system
- for traffic area design


Tactile orientation aids enable blind and visually impaired people to find their way more easily in road traffic.
Plates with groove or knob structure are used in the form of attention fields, boundary or protective strips and guiding directions at, for example, bus stops, railroad crossings, crosswalks or at level changes in road traffic, but also in public buildings and facilities.
With these panels it is necessary that the fields stand out clearly from the surrounding floor covering and that the structure can be felt by
a long stick or also by the feet. On one or both sides next to the guidance systems, companion strips should be positioned with a flat, low-joint surface that contrasts with the studded or grooved panels in terms of color and structure. These serve to better distinguish the guidance system from the normal road surface.

For easier acoustic differentiation, the studded and grooved panels are made of fiber-reinforced concrete. Due to a good color and luminance contrast, the tactile paving slabs are also easier to recognize and distinguish for the visually impaired.

Application example:
Floor panels with grooved structure are used for guide strips or also for catch strips. When used as a guide strip system, the user is guided in a targeted manner from the starting point to the specified end point by means of a continuous linear structure.
The use of this guidance system is particularly useful
- for guidance in unclear or busy areas
- for guidance from one building to another
- from the building entrance to an information stand.
As a catch strip, it connects parallel guiding strips to
- draw attention to the end of guiding strips at the platform or stop end
- draw attention to entrances or exits with level changes that are aligned in the longitudinal direction of the platforms / stops.
While floor information with a trapezoidal structure guides users to a building, for example, floor information with a knobbed structure in the form of attention fields points out forks in the road or danger ar

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IKM – Betonsteinwerk Knapp & Co GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 48
76461 Muggensturm
Germany Telephone: 07222 82330 Email: Homepage:


IKM – Betonsteinwerk Knapp & Co GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 48
76461 Muggensturm
Germany Telephone: 07222 82330 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Shape Length Depth Height EUR (pcs./pal.)
Burled structure (cm): 20 20 8 144,00
30 30 1,5 160,00
30 30 3 92,00
30 30 4 144,00
30 30 5 120,00
30 30 6 96,00
30 30 8 72,00
40 40 8 27,00

Grooved structure (cm): 30 30 1.5 160.00
30 30 3 92.00
30 30 4 144.00
30 30 5 120.00
30 30 6 96.00
30 30 8 80.00
30 30 12 48.00

Groove height (mm): 4
Knob height (mm): 4
Knob width (cm): 2.5

- the sheets are available in A10 and A20 packs

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Last Update: 4 Mar 2022