Assistive Product
Bodenindikator: Trapez- / Rillenplatte

Product Type:

- trapezoidal / groove plates
- tactile / optical flooring material
- soil indicator
- Blind guidance system
- guidance system for the visually impaired

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  1. Blindenleitplatte
  2. Rillenplatte

Areas of Application:

- for blind persons
- for the visually impaired
- for orientation in road traffic
- Control system
- to traffic area design


Tactile guidance helps blind and visually impaired people a simpler orientation in road traffic.
Panels with a grooved or trapezoidal structure are used in the form of attention fields, limiting or protective strips and guide lines, for example, stops, railroad crossings, pedestrian crossings or when changing the level of road traffic, but also in public buildings and facilities.
With these panels, it is necessary that the panels stand out clearly from the surrounding floor covering and the structure can be felt through a longstock or also through the feet. One or two sides next to the control systems should be accompanying strips with a planar, low-friction surface that is color and structural
From the knob and groove plates. These are used to better distinguish the control system from the normal road surface.


The groove plate is made of concrete and due to a good color and luminance contrast, the tactile floor plates are easier to recognize and distinguish also for the visually impaired.

Application example:

Floor slabs with a groove structure are used for guide strips or for retaining strips. When used as a guide strip system, the user is guided from a starting point to a predetermined end point by means of a continuous, linearly arranged structure.
The use of this control system is particularly important
- for guidance in confusing or busy areas
- to guide one building to another
- from the home entrance to an information stand useful.
As a safety strip, it connects conductors running parallel
- to the end of the guide rail at the platform or the stop end
- to draw attention to inflows or outlets with level changes, which are oriented in the longitudinal direction of the platform / stops.
While the ground information with a groove structure guides the users to a building, for example, ground information with a knurled structure in the form of attention fields points to path bifurcations or dangers.

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Profilbeton GmbH
Waberner Str. 40
34582 Borken/Großenenglis
Germany Telephone: 05682 7386-0 Email: Homepage:


Profilbeton GmbH
Waberner Str. 40
34582 Borken/Großenenglis
Germany Telephone: 05682 7386-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Width: 30 cm
Length: 30 cm
Width of grooves: 3,8 cm



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