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Assistive Product Kasseler Sonderbord

Product Type:

- Bus cap stone
- Knob plate
- Tactile / optical floor material
- Floor indicator
- Guidance system for the blind
- Guidance system for the visually impaired

Areas of Application:

- for blind people
- for visually impaired people
- for people in wheelchairs
- for baby carriages
- for orientation in road traffic
- Guidance system
- for traffic area design


Tactile orientation aids enable blind and visually impaired people to find their way more easily in road traffic. The transition from the bus stop to the bus or streetcar is a particularly dangerous point. With the help of so-called bus capstones, the distance between the vehicle and the bus stop is reduced vertically and horizontally, making it easier for blind and visually impaired people, people with mobility aids and parents with baby carriages as well as wheelchair users to board the bus. For this board it is necessary that the field is equipped with a burled structure, so that it can be felt by blind and visually impaired people by a long stick or even by their feet and it stands out from the surrounding flooring.

The bus capstone is made of concrete and a good color and luminance contrast makes the tactile floor panels easier to recognize and distinguish, even for the visually impai

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request via the manufacturer.

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Profilbeton GmbH
Waberner Str. 40
34582 Borken
Germany Telephone: 05682 7386-0 Email: Homepage:


Profilbeton GmbH
Waberner Str. 40
34582 Borken
Germany Telephone: 05682 7386-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Entry height (cm): 16 / 18 / 21 / 24
Length (cm): 100

- fitting lengths and polygon stones for radii are possible
- other lengths are possible on request via the manufacturer

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Last Update: 4 Mar 2022