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Handgabelhubwagen PROLINE

Product Type:
Pallet Truck

Areas of Application:
for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- with one handedness

The pallet truck enables safe transport of long goods of all kinds, for example floor pallets, two pallets in a row or materials in the Wholesalers, is possible. The different fork lengths make the pallet truck individually adaptable.

Features / Components:
- Operation: Walker, with drawbar
- Tires Tandem wheels and castors: Rubber
- Tires Fork rollers: Polyurethane

Technical Data:
Hub: 115 mm
Tiller height: 1230 mm
Fork height lowered: 85 mm
Fork width: 160 mm
Fork length: 1300-1500 mm
Swivel castors: 200x50 mm
Load castors: 80x70 mm
Load capacity: 2000-2500 kg
Weight: 81- 82 kg

Price (without guarantee):
665,00 EUR up to 686,90 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH


H.-O. Rosinski GmbH


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