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Case Study Job design and employment security allowance for a kitchen assistant


The employer is a nursing home.

Employee's disability and functional limitation:

The woman has spasticity and is severely disabled in walking. She should only lift and carry loads manually to a very limited extent and should not walk long distances. The GdB (degree of disability) is 100. The severely disabled person's identity card bears the mark G.

Training and job:

The employee has not completed any vocational training and is employed by the employer as an assistant in the kitchen.

Workplace and work task:

The employee is employed in the kitchen area or in the ward kitchen, among other things, for the provision of meals and the cleaning of crockery and cutlery. On the ward, 19 people are looked after, cared for and supplied by the employees in alternating shifts. From the employer's point of view, the severely disabled employee performs at a level of approx. 30% of a comparable colleague. The dishes and cutlery were stored on a tray under the sink and required frequent bending down for handling (six rinsing cycles per shift) as well as coordinated depositing in squatting and bending positions. The kitchen was therefore redesigned ergonomically (reach space, short distances, assistive products / dishwasher, etc.), especially to shorten the long distances for the employee and to avoid forced postures and long handling of loads. In addition, mobile table trolleys with the same height as the work surfaces and transfer points in the dining area and a transport walker were used. The transport walker also serves as a transport and walking aid for the employee.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

The work design was supported by the integration or inclusion office. The employer is also granted an employment security subsidy by the integration or inclusion office to compensate for the extraordinary burden caused by the reduced work performance. Advice was provided by the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration or Inclusion Office.
also the addresses and telephone numbers of the integration or inclusion offices.

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