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Assistive Product Secumar Schwimmkragen

Product Type:

Buoyancy collar


The inflatable buoyancy collar offers insecure swimmers in the rehabilitation sector support and greater assurance. It is made of a blue protective cover and an internal transparent swim bladder. It is inflated via an assurance mouth valve, which prevents the air from escaping unintentionally. The swimming collar is also resistant to chlorine and bathing additives. A snap closure ensures a secure fit.

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149.99 EUR including VAT (sales)
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Sport-Thieme GmbH
Helmstedter Str. 40
38368 Grasleben
Germany Telephone: 05357 18181 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Size S for children: 28 - 32 cm
Size M: 33 - 38 cm
Size L: 39 - 43 cm



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