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Case Study Workplace design for a warehouse clerk


With 787 employees, the company manufactures play and sports equipment, bicycles and garden furniture.

Employee's disability and impairment:

The man has spastic paralysis (hemispasticity) of the left extremities. The ability to walk, motor skills and handling objects for transport are limited due to the disability. The GdB (degree of disability) is 70.

Training and job:

The man is a trained retail salesman and has been working for the company for some time as a warehouse and dispatch worker.

Workplace and work task:

His tasks include unloading the delivered advertising material (leaflets, catalogues, price lists, brochures, posters, etc.), storing the pallets and boxes and picking the incoming orders.
An electric forklift truck with a weather-protected cabin is needed for the unloading and storage work, as the trucks can only be unloaded outdoors. The new forklift is to be equipped with a hydraulic brake booster, hydrostatic steering with adjustable steering column and a cushioned driver's swing seat for easier operation by the employee.
The picking and packing activities can be carried out by the operator without any problems, as only small weights are moved and a satisfactory number of transport cars are available.

Assistive products used:

Further Information

80 percent of the design suitable for disabled people was supported by the integration and inclusion office. Advice was provided by the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration and Inclusion Office.

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Last Update: 8 Sep 2021