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Mobillift Impact Typ 130

Product type:
lifting device

Areas of Application:
for example to relieve the musculoskeletal system

The electric material lifter is suitable for lifting in the warehouse, shop or laboratory. The lift lifts and carries loads up to 130 kg, thus protecting the back and shoulders. The soft-start allows a smooth starting and stopping. The model offers solutions to a wide range of lifting tasks and is the most commonly used lift from the Hovmand product range.

Features / Components:
- Mast & Suspension: Aluminum
- Soft-Start
- Overload Protection Device
- Tandem rollers: front, easy-running steering wheels
- brake rollers: rear
- low noise and maintenance-free
- delivery: without load suspension in assembled state
- type L, M, H, H2, H3

Technical Data:
Load capacity: 130 kg
Overall length: 845-848 mm
Width: 513-890 mm
Height: 1520-3046 mm
Lifting height: 1242-2771 mm
Lifting speed: 125 mm / s
Batteries: 24/9 V / Ah
Weight: 43-53 kg

Price (without guarantee):
from 3.184,00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)



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Hovmand GmbH


Karl H. Bartels GmbH

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