Assistive Product
Elektro-hydraulischer Gabelhochhubwagen

Product Type:

Hydraulic Pallet Stacker

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Elektro-hydraulischer Gabelhochhubwagen

Areas of Application:

for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- unfit for driving (for example in epilepsy with loss of control due to seizure)


The electrohydraulic pallet truck is suitable for short-distance work. The devices can be tailored to individual needs.

Features / Components:

- platform: retractable, retractable balls
- forks: adjustable, angle fork, swivel fork, tiltable by 30 degrees,
- roller conveyor, longitudinal or transverse
- attachable crane hook
- pedal lever locking device
- hand fine lowering valve
- Lower lock
- Wide track chassis
- Remote control for raising and lowering
- Additional foot pump
- Lift height preselection for 6 stages
- Power or air drive

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Genkinger GmbH
Albstr. 49
72525 Münsingen
Germany Telephone: 07381 186-0 Email: Homepage:


Willecke Hebe- und Fördergeräte GmbH
An der Becke 7
45527 Hattingen
Germany Telephone: 02324 39112-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Fork length: 650/850/1150 mm
Fork width: 160 mm
Lifting height: up to 3500 mm
Diameter Casters: 85 mm
Diameter Casters: 200 mm
Battery: 24 V
Load Capacity: 1000-1500 kg



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