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Power Stow Rollertrack

Product Type:

Half-Automated Conveyor

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  1. Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor
  2. Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor

Areas of Application:

- for relief of the musculoskeletal system


The Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor can be docked to all common types of aircraft. The extension extends to the end of the hold. There is no need to carry on-board charging systems. The double conical rollers make it possible to transport cargo of any shape, size or weight. After one minute without transporting cargo, the conveyor automatically stops. This product has been certified by the German Professional Association

Features / Components:

- Material: stainless steel, Polyurethane coated
- Curved guide: up to 90 degrees
- Conveyor belt height: automatic setting
- three-way switch: start, stop, cruise control
- components: commercially available
- luggage counter: automatic
- chain links: individually interchangeable

Price (without guarantee):

The price depends on the individual customer requirements.

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Power Stow A/S
Erhvervsparken 7
4621 Gadstrup
Denmark Telephone: +45 4631 1032 Email: Homepage:


Power Stow A/S
Erhvervsparken 7
4621 Gadstrup
Denmark Telephone: +45 4631 1032 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Transport goods size: from 20 x 20 cm
Distance between chain links: 139,7 mm
Roller height: 160 mm
Roll width: 450 mm
Width conveyor belt: 525 mm
Speed max .: 0,40 m / s
Load single link: 100 kg



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