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Hochdruckreiniger Nilfisk E 160.1-10 H X-TRA

Product Type:

high pressure cleaner

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  1. Nilfisk E 160.1-10 H X-TRA
  2. Nilfisk E 160.1-10 H X-TRA

Areas of Application:

for example to relieve the musculoskeletal system


The models of the Excellent class are suitable for all cleaning tasks around the house with medium to high frequency of use. In addition to a good level of performance, the E 160 offers a high degree of comfort, flexibility and user-friendliness.

Features / Components:

- Cleaning system: cold water
- Hose reel with hose guide
- Anti-drill system against twisting the high pressure hose
- Rotating foam nozzle, dirt grinder, jet nozzle, washing brush
- Device type: mobile / stationary
- Drive: electric
- aluminum pump

Price (without guarantee):

419.00 EUR incl. VAT (price Conrad Electronic)

Further Information

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Weitere Details des Vertriebs (Conrad Electronic)

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Nilfisk GmbH
Guido-Oberdorfer-Str. 2-10
89287 Bellenberg
Germany Email: Homepage:


Nilfisk GmbH
Guido-Oberdorfer-Str. 2-10
89287 Bellenberg
Germany Email: Homepage:

Conrad Electronic SE
Klaus-Conrad-Str. 1
92240 Hirschau
Germany Telephone: 09604 408787 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Dimensions (LxWxH): 395 x 345 x 900 mm
Working pressure: max. 160 bar
Weight: 20.60 kg
Cable length: max. 5 m
Hose length: 10 m
Power consumption (P1): 2300 W.

Options / Accessories:

- nozzles
- adapter
- filter
- To brush
- Extension hose



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