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KR Cybertech nano KR 8 / 12

Product Type:

Vertical articulated robot

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  1. KR Cybertech nano
  2. KR 6 - Anwendungsbeispiel

Areas of Application:

for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- for fine motor restrictions


Vertical articulated robots, also referred to as vertical articulated robots, are typically robots with a serial kinematics five or six axes that allow any movement including tilting in all directions. They are used for tasks requiring complex motion sequences and high flexibility.

Tasks include, for example, tool handling for spot welding and path welding, laser welding, painting and coating as well as workpiece handling for feeding tool and plastic injection molding machines, press linking, palletizing and for assembly tasks. Typical machining applications include deburring or milling plastics and light metals. Users can be found in all industries.

The RV robots are suitable as 6-axis universal robots with high web speeds and large work spaces for high demands in the field of railway-related tasks. The designs based on FEM methods and CAD are characterized by a very good static and dynamic behavior.

Features / Components:

- freely programmable
- Control: KR C4
- Arrangement of the robots: standing or hanging

Price (without guarantee):

The price depends on the individual customer requirements.

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Zugspitzstr. 140
86165 Augsburg
Germany Telephone: 0821 797-50 Email: Homepage:


Zugspitzstr. 140
86165 Augsburg
Germany Telephone: 0821 797-50 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Footprint: 333.5 x 307 mm
Max. Range: 1813/2013 mm
Number of axles: 6
Repeat accuracy: +/- 0.04 mm
Load capacity: 8/12 kg
Total rated load: 8/12/18/22 kg
Ambient temperature: +5 to +55 degrees
Weight: 250/255/264/270 kg



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