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Korpuspresse CABTEQ S-250

Product Type:

Electric continuous press

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Korpuspresse CABTEQ S-250

Areas of Application:

for example for relieving the musculoskeletal system


The carcase press is an electric continuous press with integrated nail robot for the commission-specific production of chest furniture. It can be used as a single machine or in combination with an assembly line.

The pressing forces are generated horizontally and vertically electrically and can be varied separately. The pressing is center-centric and on a zero line on the operator side, wherein the pressing forces are applied vertically by a pressure plate and horizontally by 3 pressure cheeks. The body is thus located at the outer edge of the machine and is thus completely freely accessible.

The positioning of the pressure jaws is carried out:

upper pressure jaw: via forced guidance at the upper pressure,
lower pressure jaw: freely programmable and motor-driven,
middle pressure jaw: freely programmable and over common drive can be moved with the lower pressure beam

The main dimensions of length and height are scanned at the inlet of the carcass and allow the automatic positioning of the top pressure as well as the lateral pressure elements. Via a webbing, the transport takes place inside the press.

On the front of the press, a nail robot is integrated for clamping or screwing the back panels

Features / Components:

- Programmable
- Parameterization
- Assembling of prefabricated blocks
- Programs: automatic adjustment to carcase dimensions
- Two press speeds
- CNC nail program

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Homagstr. 3 - 5
72296 Schopfloch
Germany Telephone: 07443 13-0 Email: Homepage:


Homagstr. 3 - 5
72296 Schopfloch
Germany Telephone: 07443 13-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Cabinet length: 150 - 2500 mm
Cabinet depth: 120 - 800 mm
Cabinet height: 150 - 1400 mm
Pressing pressure, vertical: max. 12 - 30 kN
Pressing pressure, horizontal: max. 12 - 18 kN
Starting speed (rapid traverse): 50 mm / s
Press speed (creep speed): 25 mm / s
Working height: 300 mm
Weight: 2.2 t



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