Workplace and Vocational Training

Both custom made assistive products suited to the needs of the disabled, as well as manufactured duplicate products such as ergonomic machines, tools or furnishings for all company employees, can be found in this assistive products field. Vocational assistive products are also called technical working aids. The objective is to align the working conditions to the employee's skills, in order to achieve and secure long term participation in working life.

These assisistive products can:

  • Reduce or compensated for functional limitations
  • Promote existing skills
  • Protect against adverse health effects

Assistive products for the work place from other assistive product fields:


Packing table

Office and factory equipment

Adjustable work chairs and work tables, circulation cabinets, walls or work lamps provide individually and ergonomically designed workstations.

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Fork lift truck

Transport devices and conveyors

Hand trucks, forklifts, tractors or conveyors for transporting or stacking loads: These tools reduce the operator's walking distances and relieve the musculoskeletal system.

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Workshop Crane

Lifting and handling devices

Chain hoists, lifting tables, tilting devices or robot grippers support raising and shifting loads or objects.

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Lifting magnet

Handling and gripping aids

Star grips, hand wheels or quick release support the hand-arm function with the use of machinery, tools or work materials.

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Bench band saw

Machines and tools

Bench keyhole saw, demolition hammers or planes can have specific characteristics that are suitable for workers with functional limitations.

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Measuring instrument

Measuring, testing and laboratory devices

Thermometer, hygrometer or blenders can have special properties that are suitable for workers with functional limitations.

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Occupational health and safety

Protective glasses or helmets, protective covers on machines, sound-proofing plates or light signal barriers provide protection against illness and accidents.

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Vocational training

Test material for the occupational orientation and training software for trainees who need increased support.

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