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Montagelift ML 330

Product Type:

mounted lift, plate lift, awning lift

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  1. Montagelift ML 330
  2. ML 330 - Stützhilfen
  3. ML 330 - unebener Untergrund
  4. ML 330 - Anwendungsbeispiel
  5. ML 330 - Anwendungsbeispiel

Areas of Application:

for example
- for relieving the musculoskeletal system


For drywall work, usually 2 people are needed to install panels. A person is busy positioning and holding the slabs on the roof slopes, ceilings or walls. In this case, increased physical strain often occurs at work over shoulder height, but sometimes also in flexed posture. To reduce such stresses, the panel mounting aid can be used.
The advantage over the conventional method of operation is the reduction of holding work in forced restraint when mounting panels to walls, ceilings and roof pitches. This considerably reduces stress on the spine and the hand-arm system by holding and working above shoulder height. The unit can be easily moved when changing location and can be removed for transport to the workplace.
The panel mounting aid can generally be used to move, for example, gypsum plasterboard and chipboard to walls, ceilings and roof pitches.

Features / Components:

- Mast: Aluminum
- no tools needed to set up
- 4 telescopic legs to set up on unequal ground
- emergency stop button
- manual operation by means of crank possible
- automatic overload protection
- leveling aid

Price (without guarantee):

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Bavarialift GmbH
Effnerstr. 5
92536 Pfreimd
Germany Telephone: 09606 9232260 Email: Homepage:


Bavarialift GmbH
Effnerstr. 5
92536 Pfreimd
Germany Telephone: 09606 9232260 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Lift height: 970 - 3300 mm
Platform: 440 x 750 mm, 5.3 kg
Surface area: max. 1000 x 1100 mm
Capacity: 120 - 150 kg
Net weight: 21 kg



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