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Montage Lift / Panel Lift

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  1. Trockenbaulift
  2. Trockenbaulift im Einsatz
  3. Trockenbaulift im Einsatz
  4. Trockenbaulift für den Transport geeignet

Areas of Application:

for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system


The product selection and description of the ergonomic advantages was made by the AG Ergonomics of BG Construction:
When drywall work becomes assembly of plates usually requires 2 people. A person is busy positioning and holding the slabs on the roof slopes, ceilings or walls. In this case, increased physical strain often occurs at work over shoulder height, but sometimes also in flexed posture. To reduce such stresses, the panel mounting aid can be used.
The advantage over the conventional method of operation is the reduction of holding work in forced restraint when mounting panels to walls, ceilings and roof pitches. This considerably reduces stress on the spine and the hand-arm system by holding and working above shoulder height. The device can be easily moved when relocating and can be disassembled for transport to the workplace
The plate mounting aid can generally be used for moving, for example, gypsum plasterboard and chipboard to walls, ceilings and sloping ceilings
The company Norbert Wienold GmbH also offers custom-made products on request

Features / Components:

- Sleds: Tilting Down
- Sled Booms: Easy to Adjust
- 3 Way Telescopic Mast
- Wire: Highly Stretchable, 3mm
- Two 1-Speed Winches
- Cam Brake
- Backstops
- 1 -Man wall mounting possible
- easy to disassemble
- movable in the plane
- 3-foot: collapsible

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Norbert Wienold GmbH
Industriegebiet Waldstr. 35a
48488 Emsbüren
Germany Telephone: 05903 9394-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Plate dimensions: max. 1,25-3,75 m
Loading height: 86 cm
Lifting height: max. 355 cm
Load capacity: max. 68 kg
net weight: 45 kg



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