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Geh-Niederhubwagen EXU 16 - 22

Product Type:

Pedestrian Pallet Truck

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  5. Niederhubwagen EXU

Special Feature:

intelligent drive

Areas of Application:

for example
- to relieve the musculoskeletal system
- unfit to drive (for example in epilepsy with loss of control due to seizure)


The EXU Pallet trucks are used in confined spaces, such as truck loading and unloading or in warehouses and shops. The ride-on platform protects the musculoskeletal system

Features / Components:

- Electric drive
- Operation: Walker, with tiller
- Driving programs: ECO / BOOST / Blue-Q
- Navigation device: Optispeed 3.0
- Speed sensor
- Driving, lifting - and steering operations can be controlled simultaneously with just one hand, by left- and right-handers
- Easy-to-use, ergonomically shaped, angled tiller head
- Low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals
- Pump: automatic shutdown at maximum stroke
- Tandem rollers: standard (except EXU 16)
- Drive wheel: Polyurethane
- Brakes: 2 independent braking systems
- Storage compartments
- Desk pad with integrated paper clip
- Protection against dust and moisture

Price (without guarantee):

The price depends on the individual customer wishes.

Further Information

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Berzeliusstr. 10
22113 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 01804 7845533 (Festnetzpreis 20 ct/min.) Email: Homepage:


Berzeliusstr. 10
22113 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 01804 7845533 (Festnetzpreis 20 ct/min.) Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Overall width: 720 mm
Overall length: 1660-182 mm
Length incl. Fork back: 510-670 mm
Stroke: 130 mm
Ground clearance: 36/166 mm
Center of gravity distance: 600 mm
Turning radius: 1495-1670 mm
Driving speed: 6 km / h
Lifting speed: with load 0.034-0.040 m / s, without load 0.043-0.060 m / s
Lowering speed: with load 0.070-0.071 m / s, without load 0.063-0.065 m / s
Gradeability maximum: with load 10 -14%, no load 24%
Traction motor: 1.2 kW
Stroke motor: 1.0-1.4 kW
Battery: 24 V / 150-375 Ah
Load capacity: 1600-2200 kg
Net weight: 430-606 kg

Options / Accessories:

- folding platform for passengers / pedestrians
- axles with moisturizer lubrication system
- integrated on-board charger compatible with all battery capacities
- cold store version: -35 degrees C
- access control through PinCode input
- access control -Management



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