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VacuStand VS-I und VS-II

Product Type:

Vacuum Work Stand

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Special Feature:

height adjustable via foot switch

Areas of Application:

for example for relieving the musculoskeletal system


The vacuum work stand is suitable for all-round machining of workpieces with a dense surface such as plates made of wood, plastic, glass, metal and stone. Also suitable for fitting electrical boxes, as an assembly aid for door frames and attaching fittings, etc., as production support in final assembly or for quality control of surfaces.

The VacuStand series is characterized by a light but very robust aluminum construction. The workpieces can be swiveled through 90 degrees, turn 180 degrees electrically and turn endlessly in any working position on the VS-I. In addition, the work stand can be adapted to the individual working height of the operator and thus ensures ergonomic machining of the placed workpieces. The vacuum control is carried out by a foot switch, which can be set up for processing. Foot operated snap-in modules are available for both series of devices, allowing the operator to keep both hands free for actual machining.

Features / Components:

- Aluminum Construction
- Tactile Valves: Vacuum Suction Workpieces
- Vacuum Generation: Electric
- Control Vacuum Gauge: In Sight
- Foot pedal: for height adjustment
- Foot interrupter: for loosening the workpieces
- Suction plate distance: adjustable
- Safety storage
- Check valve

Price (without guarantee):

The price depends on the individual customer wishes.

Further Information

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

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Albert Fezer Maschinenfabrik GmbH
In den Weiden 26
73776 Altbach
Germany Telephone: 07153 61316-0 Email: Homepage:


Albert Fezer Maschinenfabrik GmbH
In den Weiden 26
73776 Altbach
Germany Telephone: 07153 61316-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Basic dimensions: 400 x 435 mm / 400 x 1175 mm
Height adjustment: 770-1025 mm
Suction plate dimensions:
- Diameter: 110/160/220/280 mm
- Width x length: 100 x 200 mm / 100 x 300 mm
Number of teats: 1/2/4
Holding power (suction plate):
- horizontal: 25/50/100/150/40/65 kg
- vertical: 13/25/50/75/20/33 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Increased pump capacity
- Pneumatic vacuum generation
- Various suction plate attachments
- Locking module for turning and swiveling with foot control
- ECO module for vacuum-controlled motor control
- Design as a table top for workbenches with separate vacuum generator



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