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Assistive Product Sattelstuhl Salli Premium | Sattelstuhl Salli MultiAdjuster | Sattelstuhl Salli Twin | Sattelstuhl Salli Swing / Salli Swing Fit

Product Type:

Stool with saddle seat

Areas of Application:

for example, to relieve the musculoskeletal system, especially the knee and ankle joints


The raised, saddle-shaped seat straightens the body and maintains the natural curvature of the spine. The Salli Saddle Chair provides a straight and relaxed posture, strengthened back muscles, deeper breathing and more energy. The legs and abdomen get better blood circulation. Due to the two-piece seat, there is no heat build-up or pressure on the genitals. The Salli saddle chair allows a wide range of action and mobility. The saddle chair can be used in the office, in medical practices, in industry or in the private sector.

Features / Components:

- Saddle shape
- Gas lift height adjustment
- Classic: continuous seat, tilt adjustment
- Twin: two-section seat, with/without tilt adjustment
- MultiAdjuster: two-section seat, width adjustable, tilt adjustable
- Swing: two-part seat with swing mechanism, training effect,
- SwingFit: two-part seat with swing mechanism, training effect, width adjustable
- Upholstery: cover: leather, imitation leather, ESD fabric
- Color gas spring: chrome or b

Price (without guarantee):

Salli Premium: 947,00 EUR
Salli Twin: 679,00 EUR
Salli MultiAdjuster: 846,00 EUR
Salli Swing: 766,00 EUR
Salli SwingFit: 899,00 EUR

The prices are recommended retail prices including VAT.

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Salli Sattelstuhl
Hinweis auf Studie zum positiven Effekt des Salli Sattelstuhls

Further Information

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77700 Rautalampi
Finland Telephone: +358 10 2701210 Email: Homepage:


Schwalbacher Str. 40
28309 Bremen
Germany Telephone: 0421 416223 Email: Homepage:

AMS - Vertrieb GbR
Himmelreichweg 15
85221 Dachau
Germany Telephone: 089 21765202 Email: Homepage:

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Technical Data:

maximum load: 120 kg
weight of the seat: 7,5 / 8 kg
total weight: 10,5 / 11,5 kg

Options / Accessories:

(extra charge)
- all-round armrest
- height adjustment by foot
- back stretching support
- nipsu support
- various castors: large, small, soft, hard, braked or antistatic
- feet also available with glides



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