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LÖFFLER+ Steißbeinentlastung

Product Type:
Working Chair, Swivel Chair

Special feature:
optimal coccyx relief

Areas of Application:
for relief of the coccyx and sacrum

The technology of the ERGO TOP ensures that the horizontal and vertical center of the body are permanently balanced by the musculature activated while sitting. The ERGO TOP disc ensures a 360 degree all around movable seat. Active-dynamic sitting trains the back muscles, nourishes the intervertebral discs and prevents bad posture. The optional coccyx relief relieves the area around the sacrum and coccyx. A recess in the seat cushion reduces pressure in the rear seating area.

Features / Components:
- Backrest: 8-way adjustable
- Backrest: lockable
- Seat depth adjustment and cushioning
- Ergonomic Muldenseat
- Aluminum base cross
- Gas spring
- Double rollers

Technical data:
- Seat height: 435 - 525

seat width: 470mm
seat depth: 460-510mm
seat back height from seat: 500-570mm
seat back width: 410mm
armrests over seat: 200-300mm
total height: 1010-1170mm
- Total width: 680 mm
- Total depth: 680 mm

Price (without guarantee):
749.00 EUR including VAT (recommended retail price)


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