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Erzieherstuhl KiGa One STANDARD

Product Type:
Artist chair specially designed for educators

Special Feature:
Low seat, small base

Areas of Application:
for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- permanent contact backrest for mainly forward leaning activities

The work chair is designed for use in kindergarten and elementary school. The chair has a low seat to be at eye level with the children. The small base should prevent stumbling.

Features / Components:
- backrest: height-adjustable, tilt-adjustable, permanent contact mechanism
- seat: with movable seat (optionally also with rigid seat), height-adjustable, tilt-adjustable, rounded Seat leading edge
- Operation: operating lever under the seat
- Upholstery: Standard cover fabric A (polyester with 80,000 rubs), seat upholstery fabric made of PE (optionally also microfibre or wool)
- Underframe: sprung, 5-foot cross, small base in flat design as Footrest
- Castors: for hard floors, two of them lockable, with double rollers

Technical Data:
Seat height: 32-45 cm

Options / Accessories:
- armrests
- padding: wool or microfibre
- rolls for carpet

Price (without guarantee):
327,25 EUR incl. VAT (recommended retail price)



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Chairgo GmbH


Chairgo GmbH

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