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Frankiermaschine IS-360

Product Type:
Franking machine

Special Feature:

Areas of Application:
for example
- with motorized restrictions
- for noise reduction
The franking machine processes letter stacks quickly and quietly. The Smart Start technology saves keystrokes and thus time. Each time a shipment is removed from the weighing platform, the system automatically starts operating. The postage assistant facilitates franking. Shortcut keys allow quick selection of fares and features

Features / Components:
- Low Noise
- Weighing Platform: Integrated or External
- Smart Start Technology
- Postage Meter
- Differential Weighing System: for postage determination
- Postage Assistance
- PIN protection
- Credifon
- pre-dating
- Time and date: automatically adjustable
- Technology: Inkjet
- Envelope sizes: C6, C5, C4, B6, B5, B4, DIN-Lang

Technical Data:
Width: 380 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Height: 270 mm
Max. Letter strength: 10 mm
Number of job memories: 9
Cost centers with evaluation: up to 100
Cycle speed: up to 45 letters per minute
Electricity: 230 V
Weight: 10.6 kg

Options / Accessories:
- Automatic feeder (with letter-closing unit)
- Balance
- Interface for printer / PC
- 100 cost centers with evaluation

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor ,


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Neopost GmbH & Co. KG

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